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Importance of Seasonal Start-Up For Your Air Conditioning Unit

When you team up with a reputable plumbing and HVAC company, their main objective is to help you take good care of your heating and cooling system. An authentic industry pro wants to educate you on the ways you can take better care of your system instead of banking on customers that end up needing constant maintenance and A/C repairs.

At Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT, we encourage you to be an informed consumer. That’s one reason we promote practices like a seasonal start-up for your air conditioning unit. We’ve included the benefits and some checklist details about seasonal start-ups and how they can help you.

Proper Maintenance & Preventative Care Starts With Seasonal Start-Ups

One of the biggest benefits of starting up your system before the season starts or early into the season is troubleshooting. If you wait until summer heat is in full swing and hope your cooling system works, you could end up sorely disappointed.

Many minor issues can be addressed and taken care of so your A/C is ready to go once the weather is warm. However, during peak season, it can be more difficult and expensive to get a contractor to provide repair service. And you certainly don’t want to be left in a predicament where you need functional cooling, but your system is doing nothing but blowing hot air.

Some examples of things that should be taken care of for seasonal start-up include:

  • Compressor – Energize the crankcase heaters for a minimum of eight hours prior to start-up and make sure lubricant is present and the right color.
  • Motor Controls – Inspect the timing devices, terminal connections, and mechanical linkages.
  • Motors – Check the air passages and lubrication for the bearings of the motor.
  • Fans – Assess the overall condition of the fan blades and replace the air filter.
  • Pumps – Inspect the condition of the bearings, seals, and packings – plus lubricate the bearings.

Some other areas to take care of include condensers, evaporators, refrigerants, and piping.

Getting The Professional Help You Need

If all of this sounds beyond your skill level, there’s nothing wrong with that. All you have to do is contact Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT for service. What would be wrong is to ignore the fact that you need seasonal start-up.

We’re happy to educate our clients and promote preventative maintenance for HVAC systems. If you’d like to avoid emergency repairs in the midst of peak season, call our expert plumbing company for service in Norristown right now.

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