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Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT services

We know your time is important, so we make sure each job is done right the first time. We also realize that safety is number one. We will make sure your home is safe from any personal or property damage. We take as much pride in our work as you do in your home. We will leave your home as clean if not better than we found it. Be sure to ask about our military specials.

Our Services in Norristown

As locals of Norristown, we know that plumbing and HVAC repairs are a constant need. With this, we offer the following services to our fellow locals:

HVAC repair

Here at Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT, we won’t be comfortable until you are. With this, we offer our HVAC repairs in Norristown and HVAC repairs in Blue Bell PA 24/7.

Our licensed technicians can fix just about any issue on your heater, furnace, air ducts, vents, and refrigerant lines. This way, you and your family will be safe from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and the discomfort HVAC downtimes may bring.

Air conditioning repair

We know how the weather in Pennsylvania can go in extremes. So when you need air conditioning repair in Norristown, just call us and we will get the job done on the same day.

Our technicians will perform the AC repair in the least intrusive way so you can still finish your usual chores. Rest assured that we will also dispose of the properly used chemicals.

Heater repair

Do you need heater repair in Norristown? Call our guys here in Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT for fast and efficient service. We don’t want you freezing out in the cold. So whatever the time and day it is, our technicians are on-call to fix any heater problems you have.


Leaks? Backflow? Slow draining? We’ve seen these in many homes we’ve serviced. Our years of experience allow us to come up with a fast and easy solution to solve the issue. This way, we can prevent further damages on your property.

What are the benefits of HVAC repair service?

Planning to avail HVAC repair service in Blue Bell? Here are some of the benefits:

Lower energy cost

Don’t let your HVAC issues linger! With heater repair in Blue Bell and HVAC repair in Norristown, you can now kiss the problems goodbye. It also translates to lower electricity bills!

Increased HVAC lifespan

Dirt and grime can increase the wear and tear of your HVAC unit. With the right air conditioning repair in Norristown, your units will function longer.

Zero interruptions

HVAC problems can cause sudden interruptions on your household. To avoid this, make sure that you call an AC and heater repair in Norristown.

Reliable service

Unlike amateurs, a professional repair and plumber in Norristown will give more value for your money.

What we offer to our customers

We are your experts of HVAC repair in Norristown. Your satisfaction is our pleasure so we always offer professional, reliable, and affordable services for your HVAC problems. This is what sets us apart from our plumber competitors in Norristown.

From air conditioning repair in Norristown to heater repair in Norristown, we got you covered. We see to it that you will receive the repairs that you deserve. As homeowners ourselves, we know how HVAC problems can compromise the comfort of your homes.

Types of common repairs

Our team in Norristown, PA is skilled to handle any HVAC repairs possible. Over the years, we’ve seen common problems that PA locals face with their heating and cooling systems.

Some of which are:

- Clogged filters

- Refrigerant leaks

- Malfunctioning thermostat

- Poor air balance

- Worn out parts

Whatever repairs your heating, cooling, or plumbing system needs, we are the one to call. We provide the best air conditioning repair in Norristown among other services.

Why choose Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT?

If you are in need of AC and heater repair in Blue Bell, just call Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT! We are a team of skilled and experienced technicians ready to take on any plumbing and HVAC problems.

We know that a malfunctioning AC or heater will impact the comfort of your home. With that, we offer 24/7 emergency services for all our local customers. So regardless of the hour, you have someone to call for help.

Our air conditioning repair in Norristown and heater repair in Norristown is founded on the needs of PA locals. We know that temperatures can go extreme in Pennsylvania. And during these times, you need reliable and quick services to fix a broken HVAC unit.

Here at Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT, your comfort is our life force. Call us and we will send the best technician in town to your home.

You can now have peace of mind knowing that Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT is ready to serve you 24/7. We answer to emergency repairs as we know that a failing HVAC unit will impact your quality of life.

Our HVAC experts will reach your home so your HVAC unit will be up and running in the soonest possible time. Why wait for days just to have the help you need? At Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT, Norristown and neighboring areas will have a helpline for all their HVAC and plumbing needs.

Also, we see to it that our fellow locals will enjoy reliable repairs for a reasonable price. As a homegrown business, we work without breaking your bank.

All About Furnace Repair Services - Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT

During the winter season, your furnace should be in tip-top shape. This ensures comfort and peace of mind while the snow falls outdoors. But if your furnace breaks down or if you discover damage before the cold weather hits, you need to call the experts in furnace repair in Norristown immediately.

It can actually be tricky to know if you need furnace repairs. Not all problems are obvious, but you can always watch out for some tell-tale signs. Loud noises, uneven heating, excessively high energy bills, and slow heating are just some of the signs that you need heating and furnace repair services. So what can you expect when a technician arrives for furnace repairs?

First of all, the technician will have to inspect your unit to diagnose the problem. The professional may also need to open up your vents to check for damage and accumulated dirt. You may need to be home to assist the technician in accessing these parts of your home.

Take note that furnace repairs and maintenance should be done even before winter comes. After all, no one wants to have their heating break down when the temperature drops drastically.

Once the technician discovered the problem, they will recommend repairs. If you wish to get it done right away, the technician will provide the services. Furnace problems can range from dirty filters to pilot control problems.

Rest assured that you will be given a quote before the repairs are completed. This way, you have full control over the cost. Here at Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT, we will put everything on paper as part of our transparent heating and furnace repair services. Call us when you're in need of HVAC services this winter.

Benefits of Using a Professional Furnace Repair Service

Is your furnace making weird noises? Is there obvious damage to the unit? In this case, you need a professional furnace repair service. Unlike amateurs and DIY repair, the pros have the right tools and knowledge to repair just about any furnace problems.

Repairs that last long

Professional furnace repair in Norristown offers a quick and reliable solution to your heater problems. Since they are licensed and trained for the job, you have the guarantee that the repairs will last long. The professionals can diagnose the problem and provide the ideal solution. There's no guesswork when it comes to professional furnace repair.

Safety matters most

The best thing about professional furnace repair service is the safety it brings. Heating experts follow strict safety protocols on the job. They also ensure that your unit will function optimally without glitches. Professional furnace repair experts don’t use dud materials that will compromise your and your family’s safety.

Retaining the warranty of your unit

If your unit is still covered by the warranty terms of the manufacturer, you should only call professionals for repairs. This way, your warranty coverage will be retained. The professionals will use OEM parts as well as repair methods that adhere to the standards of various brands.

How Plumb IT Heat IT Cool IT Can Benefit You?

Instead of handling the repairs on your own, you can enlist the help of our professionals. This will save you time and money, not to mention that you get to skip the dirty work. Professional furnace repairs are also more cost-efficient since you can avoid repetitive repairs in the future.